Born in the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). Studied singing and piano from childhood, later playing keyboards and singing with local musical groups for some years. Starting a Law degree at UCLM in 1990, he performed for several years as a pianist in different venues, interpreting his own compositions. In 1993 he recorded a demo of his first song and later discovered valuable tools for the development of musical creativity in computer software, for composition and production, creating his first orchestral works. Influenced by classical music, symphonic music of the seventies, smooth, contemporary and Brazilian jazz, symphonic rock, and especially by the symphonic music of American cinema, Alberto de la Rocha has defined his own style.

While completing the last two courses of his Law degree in Complutense University of Madrid he taught himself harmony, composition and musical production software. Since 1999 he has composed and produced different works and has also released them on well-known internet music sites where he has obtained various awards and acclaim and also composed soundtracks for short films, documentaries and melodic music and lyrics. He has obtained knowledge of modern singing and composed his own solo projects, alternating between composition works, symphonic orchestration and other genres.

He has gained experience of mixing and mastering with Pro Tools and audiovisual editing with Pro Tools and Final Cut Studio. He participated in the ”VIII Taller de Sonido y Música para Cine” in Madrid sponsored by Autonoma University of Madrid and SGAE, with presentations by noted composers and directors such as Trevor Jones, Juan Bardem, winner of a Goya Award for Al Sur de Granada, composer Fernando Velázquez, nominated for The Impossible and The Orphanage, and director Juan Antonio Bayona, who was nominated for an Oscar for The Impossible, for which he also won his second Goya, the first being for The Orphanage. In Madrid Alberto de la Rocha participated in the Sound for Cinema Course given by Daniel Goldstein, winner of three Goyas; and in Barcelona in the Soundtrack Music Course of SGAE given by the composer Arnau Bataller; and in the Zaragoza Music of Cinema Course by Fernando Velazquez.

In 2011 he released his first album called Fantasy as producer and composer; recorded in Slovakia with the Symphonic Orchestra of Bratislava, with which he won the Best Instrumental Contemporary Orchestral Music Award at the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Los Angeles where he will prepare his next album.

Currently working between Madrid and Los Angeles, composing and producing music and creating soundtracks for cinema, television and videogames.

Alberto de la Rocha
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